Sedalia, MO on August 18, 2016
Judge Roger Turner, WI, placed 111 head.

Champions and Placings below.

Lineup for selection of Junior Champion
Great group of heifers for Junior Champion

Junior champion Pullout
1st & 2nd Winter Calf, Fall Calf, Fall Yearling
Junior Champions
Res. Jr Champion Winter Calf: Luck-E Diamond Arrow, Grant Groves; Jr Champion Fall Calf Golden-Oaks Rayna-Red, Lora Wright

Junior Champion female was the 1st place Fall Calf ~ Golden-Oaks Rayna-Red, Lora Wright.
Res. Junior Champion female was the 1st place Winter Calf ~ Luck-E Diamond Arrow-ET, Grand Groves
Honorable Mention Junior Champion was the 2nd place Winter Calf ~ Whitehead Union Vast, Wayne & Tony Whitehead.
Intermediate Champion Lineup
A great group of young cows to choose from

Intermediate Champions
Princess, Lora Wright; Res. Intermediate Champ Jr 2 - Whithead Dundee Ariat, Bailee Lauren & Taylor Whitehead; Intermediate Champion Sr 3 - Robthom Jett Atwood, Janice Ling; Judge Roger Turner

Intermediate Champion, Futurity Winner & Res. Grand & Best Bred & Owned was the 1st place Sr. 3 Yr-Old ~ Robthom Jett Atwood, Janice Ling
Res. Intermediate Champion was the 1st place Jr. 2 Yr-Old ~ Whitehead Dundee Ariat, Bailee, Lauren & Taylor Whitehead
Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion was the 2nd place Jr. 2 Yr-Old ~ Ratliff App-4 Georgeous-ET, Ryan Gettle.

Selection of Senior Champion
Older cows up for selection of senior champion.
Sr. Champions
MO Miss, Kylie Scrivner; Res. Sr Champ - 2nd 4-Yr Old: Hillhaven Braxton Friday, Whitney Yerina; Sr. Champion 4-Yr Old: Groves-Vu Brax Brooklyn-ET, Blake Wright; MO Princess, Lora Wright
Judge Roger Turner
Roger placed 111 head in the open show.

Grand Champion & Reserve
MO Miss, Kylie Scrivner; Res. Grand Sr 3 - Robthom Jett Atwood, Janice Ling; Grand 4 Yr Old - Groves-Vu Brax Brooklyn, Blake Wright; MO Princess, Lora Wright; Judge Roger Turner

Grand Champion
4-Yr Old: Groves-Vu Brax Brooklyn, Blake Wright

Senior Champion honors went to the 4-Yr Old: Groves-Vu Brax Brooklyn-ET, Blake Wright, Verona, MO
Res. Senior Champion honors went to the 2nd 4-Yr Old ~ Hillhaven Braxton Friday, Whitney Yerina, Conway, MO
Honorable Mention Senior Champion Aged Cow: Wrightvale B Lhero Paradise, Blake Wright, Verona, MO
Premier BreederWhitehead Farm, Conway, MO.
Premier Exhibitor Whitehead Farm, Conway, MO.
Supreme Champion Lineup
Breed winners vying for Supreme Honors.

Supreme Champion of the Open Show
Supreme Champion - Jersey 2-Year-Old, Grant Dohle, Halfway, MO

National Guernsey Princess, Ellie Wantland; Missouri Holstein Miss, Kylie Scrivner; Missouri Holstein Princess, Lora Wright; were a great help all day!

Herdsman Award
Crissy Dust of Toecky Farm wins Herdsman Award

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Whitehead Farms wins both banners.

Click here to view Open Show Results

Check out Jr Page for results of the Youth Show and Judging Contest!

Open Show Photos
Click on image to view or us arrows to advance image.

Missouri State Fair - Open Show

Supreme Champion Photos
Click on image to view or us arrows to advance image.

Missouri State Fair - Supreme Champion

Photos from The Shows!!

Pearl's Pics took some shots at the Missouri State Fair. They took lots of ring shots of all the breeds during the open and youth shows. You can follow the link below to view all of the photo albums.

Click on Pearl's Pics to view the Open show photos.

Duane Keiser Family, Guernsey

Presentation of Dedication award to the Duane Keiser Family.


Three Yr Old Missouri Holstein Show
Eight head showed for the 3-Year-Old Holstein Show on Friday, August 18 at the Missouri State Fair, Sedalia, MO. This year the show again was held in conjunction with the state fair. Four breeders and 6 head were represented at this year's show. The judging this year was performed by Roger Turner, WI.

KABA Select Sires sponsored the top three adult
places with directors chairs! And ABS sponsored the first place Jr chair.

Missouri State Fair was the host of this year's futurity. We really appreciate their hospitality and effort they put forth to make everyone feel welcome. Thank you for supporting the Missouri Holstein Association!

Judge makes selection with a great group of cattle

Top 3 in 2017 3-Year-Old Show
L to R: 3rd Place: Toecky Shot Glass, Becky Durst; 2nd Place: Gat-Dix Amazing Maryland, Jessica Gatton-Dixon; 1st Place: Robthom Jett Atwood, Janice Ling

Winning Entry - Robthom Jett Atwood owned by Janice Ling


  1. Robthom Jett Atwood VG88
    Owner: Janice Ling
    Overall Production & Foot & Leg Winner

  2. Gat-Dix Amazing Maryland EX90
    Owner: Jessica Gatton-Dixon
    3rd Production

  3. Tockey Shot Glass GP84
    Owner: Becky Durst

  4. Toecky Hero Bernadette VG86
    Owner: Becky Durst
    2nd Production

5. Scribble Sexy Corvette GP83
    Owner: Andrea Scrivner

6. Scribble Dodge Sassy VG85
    Owner: Kylie Scrivner
    1st Junior

2017 Junior Futurity Winner
Scribble Dodge Sassy VG85 owned by Kylie Scrivner
Winning Chair sponsored by ABS Breeders. Flanked by MO Princess Lora Wright and ABS Representatives Kevin DeVore and Ray Schooley.

Futurity Program

Click on the image below to view the Booklet in full size. When you are finished looking at it, click on the white X in the middle/top part of the screen or press the ESC button on your keyboard to return to this page.

Right-click this link and select save as to download the catalog.

A big THANK YOU to the additional
Sponsors for this year's Show!

KABA, Select-Sires, Inc.
Missouri State Fair

ABS - Jr Sponsor
John Underwood

I would also like to thank Becky Durst, Show / Futurity Chairman,
for all of her extra work in making this year's futurity a success and Missouri State Fair for hosting!!


Tenth Annual Cow of the Year Contest
Do you have a special animal on your farm? Is she a high producer, great flush cow, excellent brood cow, or just one that is a favorite for your family? The Cow of the year contest is for you. You can nominate any animal that you think deserves Cow of the Year recognition in Missouri.

This is a reminder of the requirements to participate. The winner will be voted on in the December Pulsator newsletter and the winner will be announced at the State Holstein Convention in January. A special traveling trophy and a personal award will be given.

2017 Requirements:

  1. Animal has to be bred & owned by nominator and be 87% RHA. May be adult or junior owned.
  2. Animal has to be alive on 1/1/17
  3. The animal must be nominated in any one of the four issues of the Pulsator Newsletter OR the Mid-States Holstein News with or without photos with indication of nomination in ad. Any size ad qualifies, but it must include the cow of the year logo in the ad.
  4. The animal must be a milking age female.
  5. Ballots will be in the Pulsator after the December Mid-States. Each paid adult or junior member, age 9 and up by January 1st (the year of the nominations) can vote. The ballots will include birthdates. Results will be given at the State Convention.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRY: The December issue of the Pulsator and the Mid-States is the final edition that an animal can be nominated for Cow of the Year. Remember you must have an ad to nominate your cow.

You can nominate your Cow of the Year in the Pulsator this year! Let Jodi know ASAP if you would like to nominate in the September issue.


Northeast Missouri Production Sale
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 ~ 11:00 AM ~ Memphis, MO
**Call NOW to Consign!!**

A group of dairymen in Northern Missouri are again planning a production sale for October. This will be the thrid year for this successful sale. If you are interested in consigning please contact a sale representative right away. Animals soon to be cataloged. Registered and Identified Holsteins ready to milk, springers, open heifers and some bulls all sell. Contact James Penn 660-342-0250; Wilson Martin 660-216-3558; or Tim Ewing, Holstein USA Field Rep 417-818-6455 for more information or to consign or to receive a catalog.

MDA Legislative ALERT: Repeal of the Waters of the US Rule

What we are asking you to do is to write a very short Navigable water letter to the new EPA Administrator. It can be short and sweet. Two or three sentences at the most.

Either pop it in the mail box or e-mail it - OW-Docket@epa.gov - or fax it to (202) 566 9744 We have enclosed all the info you need to write the letter. We wouldn’t be asking your help if it weren’t very important.

Mr. Scott Pruitt, Administrator
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20460

EPA Docket Center
Mail Code 28221T

Dear Administrator Pruitt:

I am writing in support of the repeal of the 2015 Waters of the U.S. Rule by EPA.

My dairy operation is located in _________________________________________. I believe the rule that was put in place by the previous administration was a clear example of regulatory over-reach and went well beyond the authority granted to EPA under the Clean Water Act.

As a dairy producer, it would have been almost impossible to comply with these regulations.

Therefore, I appreciate and applaud your efforts to repeal the rule.

Or you can say I support your efforts to repeal the 2015 WOTUS Rule. It is a prime example of federal regulatory over-reach.

Or say Thank you for repealing the 2015 WOTUS Rule. It would have been a huge regulatory burden for my dairy operation as well as my neighbors.

The Missouri Dairy Association has already sent a letter but you are encouraged to send one on behalf of your dairy.

Dave Drennan, MDA

State Dairy Judging Team Seeking to Replace Funds

Top 10 Seniors at this years State Dairy Judging Contest
Just a sampling of the youth that you will be helping develop public speaking skills and decision making!

The Missouri 4-H Dairy Judging Team is seeking annual donors to support the travel experiences of the team. We recently lost a large annual sponsor, and need to replace approximately $3500 of our annual budget.

We chose to contact you and ask for your assistance because you know first hand what being a part of a judging team means to young people. In fact, during the survey we conducted in 2013, former Missouri 4-H Dairy Judging Team members told us how important that experience was to their development. We had nearly a 50% return rate on our survey, and 80% of participants strongly agreed that their 4-H dairy judging experience had increased their communication and public speaking skills. Seventy-eight percent of respondents strongly agreed their 4-H dairy judging team experience had increased their presentation skills, and 70% strongly agreed their 4-H dairy judging team experience helped them in meeting new people.

We appreciate your willingness to partner with us to continue this legacy for the MO 4-H Dairy Judging Team. Your financial contribution of $100, $250 or $500 is fully tax deductible. Won’t you consider helping us by completing the attached pledge card today? Thank you in advance for your support of Missouri 4-H Dairy Judging!

Karla Deaver and Ted Probert 417-466-3102 or 417-741-6134 deaverk@missouri.edu or probertt@missouri.edu

Click Here to View Letter and Sponsorship Card

Anniversary Card Shower

A Missouri Holstein member is helping another member celebrate their anniversary.

Jimmie and Novalee Coats will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on September 3rd. We invite you to help them celebrate with a surprise card shower.

Cards may be sent to them at:
James and Novalee Coats
10901 Lone Pine Road
Mountain Grove, MO 65711

Women In Dairy

Combined September Meeting ~ September 13 - Field Trip Robotic Dairies

RSVP asap! Limited space - help spread the word

We have two robotic herds willing to host us on 13Sept17. We have reserved two 15 passenger vans to travel to Marlane Williams in Wentworth, MO and Foster's Dairy in Fort Scott, KS.

Marlane Williams defines "women in dairy" as the primary operator of her Guernsey grazing herd. Lynda Foster is a 3rd generation dairy farmer in Kansas and advocates for the dairy industry in a variety of ways including her leadership while recently testifying to the Senate Ag Committee just this year. These ladies are going to knock your socks off!

The FULL DAY tour will fill quickly. Please RSVP asap! $10.00/person to help cover costs. Our vans will leave from a common rally point (nearest to those who RSVP) for a full day of dairy fun! Our first stop will begin at 9am, van rally time will vary based on location. Please feel free to share the attached on your preferred social media site.

At our last meeting the ladies developed 2018 programming ideas. Please find a brief 10 question survey at: Click Here for Survey Help guided this group by contributing - your vote matters!

Thanks all - I'm looking forward to an exciting field trip.

Questions or to RSVP contact Reagan Bluel 41-847-3161, MU Dairy Extension

Reagan Bluel, Extension Specialist
Reagan sharing WID info at the July meeting at College of the Ozarks.

Reagan Bluel, sharing about Women in Dairy
at College of the Ozarks.

Click on Image below to view full size


PULSATOR - September 2017

Next Deadline: ASAP if desire to advertise COW OF THE YEAR Nomination!

Advertise your Cattle for Sale or place a Farm Ad


Missouri Holstein is excited to announce we will provide advertising in the Pulsator Newsletter. The next issue will be coming out in March. Both full color and Black and White ad options are available and very affordable. Circulation is across the entire state of Missouri consisting of over 200 dairy farmers.

Do you have seed or hay to sell? Cattle that you would like to move? Bulls to sell or are you needing some springers? This is the place for you. We would love to help you with your advertising needs. We can take your ideas and design your ad.

Full Page (8.5" x 11") - $100
Half Page - $50
Quarter Page - $30

Full Page (8.5" x 11") - $80
Half Page - $40
Quarter Page - $20

Click Here for Ad details and reservation form

Contact Secretary, Jodi Wright ASAP to place your ad. 417-743-2921-2679 or jwright@missouriholstein.com



For those enrolled in the 2017 USDA Margin Protection Program,
July was $9.08

Historical MPP margins are listed below.

Click here for historical MPP margins, will be updated monthly.



-- LATE FEE of $10/Membership for Current members AFTER APRIL 14, 2017
-- Memberships received after June 1 do NOT qualify for State Sponsored Awards
-- NEW MEMBERS pay basic rates without late fee (June 1 award deadline still applies for current year).


Adult membership dues are a flat fee of $50.00 per herd prefix.
For each additional individual member per prefix, an additional $25.00 per person.
Those adult members who do not own cattle pay $25.00 per membership.
Junior members pay $5.00 per membership.
Removed from Holstein USA Membership March 15.
Late Fee of $10.00 per adult membership April 15 or later.

A paid State Membership will reduce your registration fees 
and other Holstein Service fees. State Memberships are renewed annually for both Adult & Junior Members.

JUNIORS: If you are a Junior only member (your parents are not state association members, and you wish to receive the Mid-States Magazine then you must include $5 additional (per family) with your junior dues in order to receive the Mid-States.

Membership registration forms are available for download - Click HERE.
Please send completed forms and a check payable
to Missouri Holstein Association to:

Missouri Holstein Association
Jodi Wright, Secretary/Treasurer
11449 Lawrence 2220
Verona, MO 65769

For questions or more information, email  jwright@missouriholstein.com



If you need a Missouri state member's phone, email
or address click on the link below.

2017 Missouri Membership List - By District

2017 Missouri Membership List - By Last Name



September ASAP Ad deadline for Pulsator to Jodi

September 13 Women in Dairy Meeting - Combined Farm Tour Meeting

Sept. 20 Entries Due for Louisville www.livestockexpo.org
Sept. 20-21 Eastern Fall National, Harrisburg, PA
Judge: Jamie Black, NY

Sept. 30 Deadline to Signup for MPP 2017

Oct 6 - 7 World Dairy Expo, Madison, WI
Judge: Adam Little, NY

October 6 National Dairy Shrine Annual Meeting, Reception & Awards
Madison, WI

October 10 Late Entry Deadline for Louisville www.livestockexpo.org
October 19 Extra Late Entry Deadline for Louisville www.livestockexpo.org
November 1 Missouri Dairy Hall Nominations Due.
Nov. 6 Mid-East Fall National, Louisville, KY, Judge Justin Burdette, PA

December 1 Ad deadline for Pulsator to Jodi


January 18 - 20 State Convention / Heart of America Dairy Expo
February 15 NHWSO Scholarship Applications due
Scholarship rules & application

National Holstein Convention 2012 http://www.holsteinconvention2012.com

Scholarship Listings http://www.hoards.com/youth/collegescholarships

Dairy Shrine Scholarships http://www.dairyshrine.org

FFA Scholarships http://www.ffa.org

Robthom Farm, Springfield, MO: http://www.robthom.com/

Groves-View Dairy http://www.grovesviewdairy.com

Missouri Dairy Hall of Honors: http://www.modairyhallofhonors.com/

Missouri Dairy Business Update: http://agebb.missouri.edu/modbu/index.htm

Missouri Dairymen’s Resource Guide: http://www.agebb.missouri.edu/dairy/

Genex Custom Collection Services: http://genex.crinet.com/page189/GenexCustomCollection

Missouri Dairy Association: http://www.missouridairy.org

Dairy Agenda Today: http://www.dairyagendatoday.com

Farms.com Classifieds-Post and search for everything farm related: livestock, feed and used equipment http://www.farms.com/classifieds

We would like to link our Missouri Holstein Members that have a webpage of their own to the Missouri Holstein Page. Would you like to have your page linked up with ours? Contact Jodi Wright through the feedback form and I'll explain how it will work. We'd love to have everyone listed. There is no cost to you for this service.


Brad Groves
Phone: 417-880-7012

Vice President
Tommy Scrivner

Jodi Wright
11449 Lawrence 2220
Verona, MO 65769

Director at Large
Nelson Hostetler


Mid-States Editor
Kate Geppert
5803 Redwing Dr.
Columbia, MO 65202

National Director
Roy Buessing
1083 29th Road
Axtell, Kansas 66403

Holstein Field Representative
Tim Ewing
4784 State Hwy PP
Fordland, MO 65652
417-818-MILK (6455)


If you would like more information on the following:

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