MO Juniors had their membership meeting on
Saturday morning at the MO Dairy Expo at Lake of the Ozarks.


2021 Missouri State Holstein Convention

  • Juniors voted to keep the point system for 2021 for Jr All-MO awards.
  • State Fair is working on a lease program that would allow more kids to participate in the State Fair. State Fair and Farm Bureau are partnering to make a video of juniors prior to the fair. Juniors will be contacted to help put together the video.
  • Looking at new fundraising ideas for the juniors at state fair. Possibly a corn hole tournament with other exhibitors / species or bingo.
  • The junior committee would like to see the juniors do more volunteer work.
  • Juniors interested in competing in the Public Speaking event at the National Holstein Convention had a pre-qualifing event. Those that will proceed are: Monique Turner, Blake Wright and Sophia Geppert. Alternate is Sammi Justice.
  • Retained the same slate of officers:
    President: Blake Wright
    Vice President-Whitney Yerina
    Secretary-Lila Wantland
    Reporters: SW - Sammie Justice, NE - Sophie Geppert, WC - Molly Melzer

Officers Holding Meeting
Blake Wright, President; Whitney Yerina, Vice-President; Lila Wantland, Secretary; Sammi Justice, Reporter

Juniors and advisors attending state meeting


Jr All-Missouri awards were handed out on Friday evening. Laser engraved water bottles were the award this year. I think all the kids will really use these! Look for them at the fairs and ball games! These were done by past Mo Holstein Junior, Kiera Groves, Billings.

Jr All-Missouri Winners
A group of jrs were on hand to receive their engraved water jugs
by former member, Kiera Groves, Billings.

Junior All-MO Winners
Colton Kleiboeker and Sammi Justice receiving Jr. All-Missouri Awards.

Click here for a complete list of the Jr All-Missouri Awards presented


2021 MO Holstein Miss
2021 Missouri Holstein Miss, Monique Turner and 2020 Miss, Whitney Yerina, Phillipsburg, MO


2021 MO Holstein Princess
2021 Missouri Holstein Princess, Lila Wantland, Niangua and 2020 Miss, Whitney Yerina, Phillipsburg, MO


Scholarships to Support Agriculture’s Future
A Comprehensive list by Hoard's Dairyman

Are you college bound next fall? Planning to attend graduate school to continue your education? Applying for scholarships to assist in funding your efforts can be well worth the time put into filling out the applications.

1. Where to find dairy scholarships?
The Hoard’s Dairyman list of scholarships is where I looked when I was a senior in high school. Also, check out your school or college’s department for scholarships the school gives out or knows of. The National Dairy Shrine awards scholarships for different career interests and for students entering college, in their undergraduate education, or in graduate school as well.

2. Pay attention to eligibility.
Most scholarships have specific guidelines on who can apply for them. This may include year in school, major, career interests, or an affiliation with a club or organization. Contact the scholarship coordinator if you are unsure if you are eligible.

3. Apply multiple times.
If you are not awarded a scholarship after applying, it won’t hurt to submit your application again next year! A few scholarships are renewable, so you might have to resubmit your transcripts or letter of recommendations to get the scholarship again.

Scholarships are a great way to pay for college. In the table below is a listing of scholarships available to youth majoring agriculture or with a dairy background.

To view a list of college scholarships click this link


Holstein Foundation Launched Career Resources

BRATTLEBORO, Vt., July 24, 2019 – The Holstein Foundation launched career resources designed to provide basic knowledge in a wide range of careers relating to the dairy industry. They are ideal for use by all ages, from junior dairy project members or leaders seeking reference materials.

The mission of the career resources is to help youth find a dairy-related career path that suits them best.

“We set out to help youth understand the wide variety of career opportunities in the dairy industry,” says Holstein Foundation Programs Manager Jodi Hoynoski. “We plan to expand these resources in the future to help them get the job they want too.”

Currently, 10 careers are outlined to fit a wide variety of interests. The Holstein Foundation will continue to expand the careers profiles offered and provide more resources on things like resumes and interviews.

All career descriptions can be downloaded free of charge from the website in a PDF format. With questions, contact Kelli Dunklee at 800.952.5200, ext. 4124, or Visit to download online for free.


American Agri-Women Foundation scholarships

Various scholarships with differing deadlines

American Agri-Women is the nation’s largest coalition of farm, ranch and agribusiness women with more than 50 state, commodity and agribusiness affiliate organizations, united to communicate with one another and with other consumers to promote agriculture. AAW members have been advocating for agriculture since 1974

There are several different scholarships available. Each has a different entry deadline. Click on the following link to view foundation offerings. and Scholarship offerings


Ozark Empire Fair Internship - Livestock Department

Are you or someone you know experienced with exhibiting livestock? Do you enjoy event management? Are you passionate about agricultural education? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we are looking for you to serve as an intern for the Ozark Empire Fair Livestock Department during the 2021 Summer. Details below regarding this exciting paid internship.

The purpose of this position is to assist the livestock director with livestock activities in preparation for and during the Gold Buckle Extravaganza and Ozark Empire Fair. Duties will include but are not limited to the following: responding to exhibitors’ inquiries, marketing and communications, assisting with agricultural education programs, show entry management, posting of show results, daily office duties, basic accounting, data entry and show day execution.

Qualified candidates may submit a cover letter and resume by February 5, 2021 to:
Cassie Reid, Livestock Director, 417.833.2660
Click here for more information Deadline February 5, 2021


Future Junior!

Elijah James Wilson
Born: December 10, 2020
Parents: Scott and Jenna Wilson, Miller, MO
Elijah was 7lbs 5 oz, 19 in long
Proud Grandparents: Mike and Tina Wilson and Nancy and David Grace



December 11 Junior Award Deadline


January 1 Some Select Sires Internship deadline

January 2 Cow of the Year VOTING DEADLINE
Click here to Vote Online

January 15 DFA Scholarship deadline

January 15-16 State Holstein Convention
Lake Ozark, MO, Lodge at Port Arrowhead

February 1 2023 Futurity Entries Due
February 1 NHWSO Scholarship deadline




2020 Junior Officer Team:
Secretary - Lila Wantland; President: Blake Wright; Vice President - Whitney Yerina; Reporters - Molly Melzer, Sammi Justice, and Sophia Geppert

Missouri Junior Holstein Association Officers
Blake Wright, President
11449 Lawrence 2220, Verona, MO 65769
(417) 743-2921

Whitney Yerina, Vice President
15823 Merchant Dr, Phillipsburg, MO 65722

Lila Wantland, Secretary
1491 Macedonia Rd, Niangua, MO 65713
(417) 872-5543

Sammi Justice, SW Reporter
1294 Schupbach Rd, Clever, MO 65631
(417) 880-0165

Molly Melzer, WC Reporter
22215 S. Jefferson Pkwy, Harrisonville, MO 64701
(816) 289-3589

Sophia Geppert, NE Reporter
4728 Co Rd 240, Kingdom City, MO 65262
(573) 814-3148

Shannon Wilson-Kleiboeker, State Advisor
17077 Lawrence 1030, Wentworth, MO 64873
(417) 737-2876

Katie Wantland, Assistant Advisor
1491 Macedonia Rd, Niangua, MO 65713
(417) 872-5543


This is a statewide organization open to any boy or girl in Missouri under 21. It promotes Registered Holsteins and has 172 members. 
Dues are $5.00 per year per member. 
Click For Membership Form


  • Dairy Bowl, Public Speaking, Jeopardy, and building a banner for National Convention.

  • Judging at local, state and national levels.

  • Showing at local, state and national shows

  • Cow Camp


  • State Spring Show Awards

  • All-Missouri Junior Awards

  • Distinguished Jr. Member Award

  • Princess and Missouri Miss

  • Spring Show

  • Junior District Show Awards

  • All-Missouri

  • District Junior and Senior Member Awards

  • Princess Scholarship

  • Spring Classic Scholarship





  1. Jr. All-Missouri Points:  Juniors voted to continue the point system. The points are as follows:
    District Show — 16
    State Fair — 20 points
    First junior animal exhibited by a junior in each open class receives full points, with following places decreasing by 2 points each.  Again awards will be given per child instead of per class, and one award will be presented for partnership animals.
  2. Jr. Membership Fees due March 15: Membership form on main page to print or in Pulsator newsletter. It is important for juniors also to get their state dues paid on time, with the correct address, phone number and email address. This is the information we utilize to contact you throughout the year regarding awards, programs, activities, etc. We do not want you to miss out on an event because we did not have your accurate information. State membership fees are due by March 15. If your household only has junior members (no adult membership) then you might want to consider adding a Mid-States Magazine subscription for $5. A great way to stay connected.



Call or E-Mail me any time if you have questions about 
Missouri Junior Holstein activities. 
My address is
My home address is:
17077 Lawrence 1030, Wentworth, Missouri 64873.
Shannon Kleiboeker 417-737-2876
State Junior Holstein Chairman


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