Special Thank you to our generous donor!

Calf was raffled on August 16, 2019 @ Missouri State Fair.

Raffle made $1305.00!!
Calf was won by Kole Trapp, Wisconsin!
Kole Trapp is the son of Missouri State Fair judge, Paul Trapp.

Toecky Design by Lautrust won the Spring Calf class

Junior Advisor, Katie Wantland getting tickets all mixed up for Crissy Durst to draw winning ticket!

Drawing Winner
Donator, Crissy Durst, draws winning ticket

Kole Trap gets high five from
dad Paul Trapp

And we have a winner!!
Kole Trapp, Wisconsin poses with his new calf and Missouri Holstein Juniors

Thank You to everyone who supported the Missouri Holstein Juniors!



Had a nice group of juniors for the youth show.

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Gretchen Dickerson
Gretchen leaving her class all smiles!

Jarred Parrigon
Jarred going into class

Just Hangin Out!
That is the fun part of state fair - hanging out with your friends!

David Melzer
David is ready to go with his fall calf: MS Flat-Top-Vue Sandstorm Flo!!

Emma Parrigon

Colton Kleiboeker
Boys Waiting
Who knows what these boys are talking about!

Kay Bacon Memorial Award

Junior Champion Youth Show
Fall Calf: Golden-Oaks AV Target-ET, Lora Wright

Mark Highfill Memorial Award

Grand Champion Youth Show
Res. Grand Overall Sr 2-Year Old ~ Golden-Oaks Rayna-Red, Lora Wright;
Grand Overall Sr 3 - Dream-Team Wndbrk Aubrey ET, Grant Groves

A family affair.
Parents are always behind the scenes cheering on the youth. Melody (Moreland) Dickerson with niece, Molly Melzer.


Juniors ready to go into showmanship.

Senior Showmanship
A small group in Holstein Senior Showmanship this year.

Jr Showmanship
Group of young showman in the Holstein breed

Jr Showmanship Winners
2nd place: Colton Claycomb and 1st place Adeline Dickerson

Photos from The Shows!!

Pearl's Pics took some shots at the Missouri State Fair. They took lots of ring shots of all the breeds during the open and youth shows. You can follow the link below to view all of the photo albums.

Click on Pearl's Pics to view the Junior show photos.

Youth Show Heifer Photos
Click on image to view photos.
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Youth Heifer Shows

Youth Cow Show Photos
Click on image to view or us arrows to advance image.
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Youth Cow Shows

Click here to view Complete Youth Holstein Show Results

4-H State Judging Contest

A large group for the state Dairy Judging contest.

Quality classes for the state contest.

Wantland Tops State 4-H Dairy Judging Contest for 2nd Year

Lila Wantland judged herself to the top of the senior division of the Missouri State 4-H Dairy Judging Contest. The contest was held August 17th at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia. Wantland was the high individual in the intermediate division of the state contest in 2018.

Wantland, the daughter of Jeff and Leeann Wantland of Niangua, was high individual in Jerseys, second high in Holsteins,and third in oral reasons. Second high individual was Bailey Groves, daughter of Todd and Sheila Groves of Billings. Groves was high individual in Brown Swiss, Holsteins, and oral reasons. Third high individual was Hala Edquist of Mountain Grove. Edquist, daughter of Elias and Cheryl Edquist, was high individual in Guernseys, second in Brown Swiss, and third in Holsteins. Fourth high individual was Blake Wright of Verona. Wright, the son of Larry and Jodi Wright, was second in oral reasons. Rounding out the top five was Kylie Scrivner of Ava. Scrivner, the daughter of Tommy and Andrea Scrivner, was second in Guernseys.

Topping the intermediate division was Logan Archer of Falcon, followed by Jasmine Gates of Cairo and Molly Archer of Falcon. Rounding out the top five were Samantha Justice of Clever and Emma Parrigon of Stotts City.

In the junior division, Ada Bluel of Monett finished in first, followed by her sister Lily in second. Third was Molly Melzer of Harrisonville, followed by Tyson Droste of Lancaster and Teagan Hardy of Steelville.

The contestants placed six classes and gave two sets of reasons. The top three individuals in each breed received cash prizes sponsored by the Missouri breed associations. The top ten individuals in each division received rosettes from the Missouri State Fair, and the top four individuals in each division received a plaque from the Missouri State Fair and supporters of the contest. Contestants, their families, and exhibitors who provided cattle for the event were the guests at a Junior Dairymen’s Barbeque sponsored by Midwest Dairy Association, Missouri State Fair, Missouri Cattlemen’s Association, MFA, Dairy Farmers of America, and Hiland Dairy. The Missouri 4-H Dairy Judging Team receives support from FCS Financial, the Missouri Holstein Association and the Missouri Dairy Association in partnership with the Missouri 4-H Foundation, and thanks all their sponsors for their support.

The Missouri 4-H Dairy Judging Team will be competing this fall in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Madison, Wisconsin. The team is currently seeking ongoing sponsors for their travel. For more information about the dairy judging program, contact either Ted Probert at the Wright County Extension Center at (417)349-4134, or Karla Deaver at the Lawrence County Extension Center at 417-466-3102.

Senior Division Judging Winners
Top Ten: 1st Place Lila Wantland; 2nd Place Bailey Groves; 3rd Place Hala Edquist, 4th Blake Wright, 5th Kylie Scrivner, 6th Nicholas Dotson, 7th Adeline Dickerson, 8th Trenton Harker, 9th Molly Melzer, 10th

Intermediate Division Judging Winners
1st Place Logan Archer; 2nd Place Jasmine Gates; 3rd Place Molly Archer; 4th Samantha Justice, 5th Emma Parrigon, 6th Addison Tharp, 7th Case Melzer, 8th, 9th Roper Voskamp, 10th

Junior Division Judging Winners
1st Place Ada Bluel; 2nd Place Lily Bluel; 3rd Place Molly Melzer; 4th Tyson Droste; 5th Teagan Hardy; 6th; 7th David Melzer

Top 3 in the Holstein Division sponsored by MO Holstein
Tim Ewing; 3rd Hala Edquist, 2nd Lila Wantland, 1st Bailey Groves.

Top 3 Oral Reasons
Sponsored by Red & White Association, Autumn Hardy; 3rd Lila Wantland,
2nd Blake Wright, 1st Bailey Groves.


Missouri 4-H Dairy Cow Camp


Cow Camp was featured on a local TV show 'From the Tailgate'. Watch the segment below highlighting the kids and this great camp!

Click on the play button within the video to play the segment.


Holstein Foundation Launched Career Resources

BRATTLEBORO, Vt., July 24, 2019 – The Holstein Foundation launched career resources designed to provide basic knowledge in a wide range of careers relating to the dairy industry. They are ideal for use by all ages, from junior dairy project members or leaders seeking reference materials.

The mission of the career resources is to help youth find a dairy-related career path that suits them best.

“We set out to help youth understand the wide variety of career opportunities in the dairy industry,” says Holstein Foundation Programs Manager Jodi Hoynoski. “We plan to expand these resources in the future to help them get the job they want too.”

Currently, 10 careers are outlined to fit a wide variety of interests. The Holstein Foundation will continue to expand the careers profiles offered and provide more resources on things like resumes and interviews.

All career descriptions can be downloaded free of charge from the website in a PDF format. With questions, contact Kelli Dunklee at 800.952.5200, ext. 4124, or kdunklee@holstein.com. Visit http://www.holsteinfoundation.org/education/career_resources.html to download online for free.


Missouri Dairy Scholars Scholarship Program

The Missouri Dairy Scholars Scholarship Program was created to support students pursuing careers in the dairy industry. Students may qualify for up to $5,000 in scholarships if they are enrolled in a two-year or four-year Missouri college and work on a dairy farm or have a dairy-related internship. Students must also make a commitment to work in Missouri’s agriculture industry as a condition of receiving the scholarship. Application Deadline for the 2019-2020 school year is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 13, 2019.

Scholarships will be selected on a competitive basis.

Each application will be evaluated and rated using the following criteria: :

  • • Agriculture-related degree
  • • Dairy-related work experience
  • • Academic achievement and year in school
  • • Resume and letters of recommendation
  • • Future career plans

Click here for rules and application information



September 1 Ad deadline for Pulsator to Jodi

September 8 World Dairy Expo Entries Due

September 13 Dairy Scholars Scholarship Applications DUE

September 19 World Dairy Expo Entries Late Entry Deadline

September 20 Entries Due for Louisville www.livestockexpo.org

October 10 Late Entry Deadline for Louisville www.livestockexpo.org

October 19 Extra Late Entry Deadline for Louisville www.livestockexpo.org

November 9 Grand National Jr Show, Louisville, KY
Judge Nate Goldenberg, TX



Missouri Junior Holstein Association Officers
Lora Wright, President & Historian
11449 Lawrence 2220, Verona, MO 65769
(417) 743-2921

Blake Wright, Vice President
11449 Lawrence 2220, Verona, MO 65769
(417) 743-2921

Dalton Smith, Secretary
12300 Cty Rd 5300, Rolla, MO 65401
(573) 247-1864

Adeline Dickerson, NW Reporter
23737 Hwy HH, Unionville, MO 63565
(660) 748-5366

Roper Voskamp, SW Reporter
15658 Lawrence 1100, Mt. Vernon, MO 65712
(417) 235-4716

Amanda Brooks, SC Reporter
8613 Gourley Rd., Mt. Grove, MO 65711
(417) 259-3634

Case Melzer, WC Reporter
22215 S. Jefferson Pkwy, Harrisonville, MO 64701
(816) 289-3589

Sophia Geppert, Reporter
4728 Co Rd 240, Kingdom City, MO 65262
(573) 814-3148

Shannon Wilson-Kleiboeker, State Advisor
17077 Lawrence 1030, Wentworth, MO 64873
(417) 737-2876

Katie Wantland, Assistant Advisor
1491 Macedonia Rd, Niangua, MO 65713
(417) 872-5543


This is a statewide organization open to any boy or girl in Missouri under 21. It promotes Registered Holsteins and has 172 members. 
Dues are $5.00 per year per member. 
Click For Membership Form


  • Dairy Bowl, Public Speaking, Jeopardy, and building a banner for National Convention.

  • Judging at local, state and national levels.

  • Showing at local, state and national shows

  • Cow Camp


  • State Spring Show Awards

  • All-Missouri Junior Awards

  • Distinguished Jr. Member Award

  • Princess and Missouri Miss

  • Spring Show

  • Junior District Show Awards

  • All-Missouri

  • District Junior and Senior Member Awards

  • Princess Scholarship

  • Spring Classic Scholarship




  1. Selling the 100th Anniversary T-Shirts!



  1. Jr. All-Missouri Points:  Juniors voted to continue the point system. The points are as follows:
    District Show — 16
    State Fair — 20 points
    First junior animal exhibited by a junior in each open class receives full points, with following places decreasing by 2 points each.  Again awards will be given per child instead of per class, and one award will be presented for partnership animals.
  2. Jr. Membership Fees due March 15: Membership form on main page to print or in Pulsator newsletter. It is important for juniors also to get their state dues paid on time, with the correct address, phone number and email address. This is the information we utilize to contact you throughout the year regarding awards, programs, activities, etc. We do not want you to miss out on an event because we did not have your accurate information. State membership fees are due by March 15. If your household only has junior members (no adult membership) then you might want to consider adding a Mid-States Magazine subscription for $5. A great way to stay connected.



Call or E-Mail me any time if you have questions about 
Missouri Junior Holstein activities. 
My address is shannonkleiboeker@hotmail.com
My home address is:
17077 Lawrence 1030, Wentworth, Missouri 64873.
Shannon Kleiboeker 417-737-2876
State Junior Holstein Chairman


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