dispersal Tuesday, April 13, 2021 @ 10:30am
Scotland County Livestock, Memphis, MO

Selling 65 head lactating cows and 25 springing heifers

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In March of 1941, Richard T. Lenz along with his wife Cora, and their four children, moved from Hampton, Nebraska to Lone Elm, Missouri because of a severe drought. Shortly after moving here, they started their first dairy with a few cows by selling cream to the neighboring towns. In 1950, their oldest son Eldon married Elsie, and as a wedding present, they received 1/3 of Richard and Cora's cows. With these cows, they started their own dairy. Ten years later, Eldon and their three boys: David, James and Mike were milking 50 cows in a swing double two. A state-of-the-art double 5 saw tooth herringbone was built in 1973 to help with the increased number of cows.

In 1980, David and James took over the dairy from Eldon and Elsie in the midst of one of the worst droughts in 100 years. They survived and continued dairying. They proceeded with their interest in registered Holsteins and genetics using their knowledge of AI they used surgical flushing to improve the herd. Soon they were milking close to 100 registered cows.

In 2006, David's (Shirley) sons Adam and Jon began helping full-time on the dairy. They also had a desire to improve the herd even more. David, James, Adam, and Jon would travel all over the Midwest to sales and other dairies to try to find the best cows and embryos they could buy. They also started breeding their own cattle with bulls that excelled in feet, legs and udders. Our ultimate goal was to have an outstanding genetic herd with great cow families.

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest and expressed kind words this past month. This was not an easy decision and not made lightly. A special thank you goes to our loving wives who have supported us no matter what life has brought. We hope and pray all of you have much success and enjoyment with these animals.

Thank you, James, Adam and Jon Lenz

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Some Sale Highlights Below:

Morningview ST Liberty-ET EX93-3E GMD
5-03 2 365 40740 95 3.6 1453 2.9 1186 95
Jedi x AltaAvalon x Baxter x Liberty

Ms Savage-Leigh Party-ET EX 91
8-07 2 365 25820 3.2 835 2.9 740
1st Mid East Spring National SR 3Y & Int Ch 2010

Aftershock x Party
Doorman x Party
Sid x Party
King Royal x Aftershock x Party

SCH Sunglow Allison-ET EX-90 EX-MS
2-04 2 365 24,770 3.7 925 3.1 763
Sire: Regancrest S Braxton
Dam: Swan-Creek Ares Rugby VG-85
Gdam: Swan-Creek Outside Ruby VG-85

Brokaw x Allison

BVK Durham Duchess-ET EX-90 EX-MS
4-02 365 50060 3.9 1949 3.4 1686

Formation x Fever x Durham Duchess x Cheif Adeen

Ms Dundee Petra EX-90-2E
LIFE 1631 127610 3.5 4444 3.0 3778

Dempsy x Petra

Cattle may be viewed at the farm prior to the sale. Please contact Adam or Jon.

Sale Location: Scotland County Livestock, Memphis, MO
Directions: Hwy 15 North, 927 N. Clay, Memphis, MO 660-465-7213
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To request Catalog: Barb Blomme 660-465-713; bblomme@yahoo.com